sábado, 2 de febrero de 2013

Nuestros lectores escriben sobre...

En esta ocasión mi publicación será muy especial, he invitado a una de mis nuevas alumnas de primer año de secundaria para que publique un comentario sobre su novela que ha estado leyendo estos días y que quisiera que compartiera con todos nosotros.
Su nombre es Amalia Sosa y es originaria de Melbourne, Australia. La novela que ha estado leyendo se llama Pollyanna Grows Up de la escritora Eleanor H. Porter. Ella cursa primer año de secundaria en Colegio Larrea de Hermosillo, Sonora, México.

Pollyanna Grows  Up
Pollyanna Grows is a book written by Eleanor H Porter and is the sequel to Pollyanna. The book was first published in 1915 two years after the first book Pollyanna. Eleanor H Porter was born in New Hampshire, USA, into an old New England family and started publishing books in 1907.
Pollyanna Grows Up is about an orphan girl who was take into care by her aunt and later hit by a car. The story begins with talking a little bit about her recovery and being able to walk again after doctors saying she couldn’t because she was paralysed from the waist down. Pollyanna does end up being able to walk and the story continues with her newly marriedaunt getting a letter from one of the nurses who took care of Pollyanna; writing to ask if Pollyanna could come and stay with her sister Ruth Carew because Pollyanna’s aunt and uncle were going to Germany and decided not to take Pollyanna with them. So after much consideration Aunt Pollywrites back to Ms Della Wetherby telling her that her niecePollyanna may go to Boston to live with Ms Carew while they are in Germany.
The story then follows Pollyanna helping out Ms Carew after she had suffered a terrible loss in her family about 6-9 years back when her only nephew, Jamie, disappeared with his father after the death of her sister. Since then she has beengrumpy and alone; not wanting to have anything to do with the outside world.
In the prequel to Pollyanna Grows Up Pollyanna has a way of thinking that you should find something glad in every situation. So in the first half of the book that is exactly what she teachers Ms Carew and all her new friends in Boston.
Some important characters in the book are Jamie an orphan boy until he was technically adopted by his very poor friend Jerry and his mother. Sadie Dean a girl who works in a department store selling bows to girls who care for nothing but themselves. And many more.
In the 2nd half of the book it is set six years later withPollyanna and her aunt widowed of six months return from Germany and are much poorer. Pollyanna now 20 years of agehas to find some work to support her and her aunt through the tough times. On her return she sees her good friend Jimmy Pendleton and they still have the same friendship as they did six years ago but at the same time very different.
After that Pollyanna comes up with an idea to make the Harrington house a summer boarding house for people who are looking for a place to stay. So Pollyanna’s friends from Boston come to stay and they have a lovely time there. But Jimmy is jealous of Jamie because he thinks that Jamie cares for Pollyanna.
During the time that Ms Carew, Jamie and Sadie Dean stay at the Harrington home they go on a camping trip into the woods. They all have a good time but after an accident with Pollyanna almost being severely hurt by a bull but luckily saved by Jimmy before anything to bad could happen, but unfortunately for Jamie who was there with Pollyanna at the time he was hurt emotionally because he couldn’t do anything being on crutches and will be for the rest of his life. To Jamie not being able to protect someone is like a stab to the heart for him since he will never ever walk on two legs without support and help.
At the end of the book you find out that Mr John Pendleton is getting Married to Ms Carew, Jamie and Sadie Dean are together and finally Pollyanna and Jimmy. It is also discovered that Jimmy Pendleton was the long lost Jamie (nephew) though since Ms Carew adopted the other Jamie and he believed that he was the long lost Jamie they in the end decided not to tell him because of fear of the way he would react and to protect his feelings.
So the book ends with all the couples together.
I personally think that the Pollyanna series is one of the best set of books ever written because of the message it sends. That even in the darkest moment there is something glad in everything to be glad about.

Amalia Sosa Haby